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Documents Viewer

Better Way to Explore Microsoft Office on iPad


Documents Viewer allows you to preview Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents on iPad as Microsoft Office originally displays them.


Documents Viewer gives possibility to open password-protected files, print and convert them to PDF with headers, footers, comment section and other layout elements disregarded in simple preview.


  • Identical to PC / Mac preview
  • Open files of any complexity
  • Integration with Cloud storages
  • Advanced printing capability
  • Password protection
  • Utter file management
  • Files and folders search option
  • Natural scroll and zoom
  • …And many more!
How Viewer Operates?

Documents Viewer sends files to remote web server, that processes documents and sends them back to the app. Due to this feature even huge and complicated documents are displayed on iOS the same way they are displayed by Microsoft Office on Mac or PC. After being converted document can be saved in applications File Manager and accessed in offline mode.

Remote conversion is available for free during 30 days since the first launch.




Main Features

Among main features the app easily opens huge and complicated files of .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt and .pptx file formats, integrated with Box and Dropbox cloud services, able to save converted drawings in PDF file format or print them via AirPrint. Documents Viewer also can be utilized for general file management as it gives possibility to Copy, Move, Remove, Rename and Sort files and folders.





This application is incredible. It reads all the formats you can throw at it. It has file management too and easy sharing system. All of these make the app a winner.

Better than PDF

When you export your documents to PDF the formatting may be wrong. This is mostly to diagrams with multiple data. But this application shows original document perfectly.

Doc Viewer

Best Office documents viewer in App Store. It's free-to-try with a great interface. Plus the added file manager is nice with the ability to sync cloud storages.