June 2015

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  • how-to-use-app-uninstaller

    How to Use App Uninstaller

    App Uninstaller is the latest handy utility for managing your apps. Besides complete uninstalling of various software, it also allows to reset and remove apps’ cache. This post covers general functions of App Uninstaller, you can also check these articles: Delete Messengers History How to Delete Remains App Uninstaller scans the Applications folder right after being started and finds all […]

  • delete-remains-app-uninstaller

    Delete Leftovers of Apps

    Most applications store different service information on your hard drive. Such files are not temporary and could stay on your hard drive even though the app was deleted from Applications folder. Some applications create and write their temporary files in different folders, violating Apple requirements on the organization of temporary and service files. In this […]