August 2015

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  • OS X El Capitan – Review. Sum Up

    This article concludes our series of reviews of upcoming updates using Mac OS X. If you have not read the previous articles – you can read them here. OS X El Capitan reviews 1 – 4 So, let’s sum up! Design Overall, OS X began to look a little nicer. No wow effects, just a […]

  • Task Manager

    Windows users got used to Task Manager. When they start using Mac OS X, they find out that there is no such handy shortcut as CTRL+ALT+DELETE. Some tell, that there is no such tool on a Mac at all. And they are wrong. In fact, Task Manager on Mac is available, but the tool’s name […]

  • Removing Applications on Mac

    Working with applications on Mac OS X differs from other systems. Less in terms of user experience, more from the perspective of a computer. If you have used Windows, you noticed that often any installation of an application (program) consists of such steps: Download an app Launch installation file (.exe) Specify installation location and other […]

  • help section

    Help Section

    Recently we opened a new section on our website – Help. There you can find most common queries about general apps’ usage. Currently, the section contains help articles for: App Uninstaller Clear Disk Disk Expert Duplicates Expert If you have more questions or ideas what should be covered in this section (or anywhere else), you […]