September 2015

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  • Show hidden files on mac featured image

    Show Hidden Files on Mac

    Mac OS X has always been oriented to an average user, so in normal operation mode it protects user from himself. Therefore all system files are hidden and it’s impossible to access them. But since Mac OS – is a Unix based OS, if you are an experienced user, you can get access through the Terminal. This article […]

  • How to Make Mac Run Faster

    Memory management is a very important component of your Mac operability. Today we will tell about most important recommendations that allow you to make Mac run faster. Close Unused Applications Many users do not close applications and keep them open all the time. Usually, these are such applications as Microsoft Word (Excel, Pages, Numbers), iMovie […]

  • Mac OS X Cleanup Suite Update

    Breaking Wednesday’s news! Our latest applications bundle – Mac OS X Cleanup Suite gains new features. We have replaced old Boost & Memory with Memory Cleaner X that is a perfect fit for other bundle applications: ClearDisk, Duplicates Expert, Disk Expert and App Uninstaller. The app evaluates file size of junk files, duplicates, large files […]

  • Delete Whole Application with App Cleaner

    Apple has specific restrictions on apps that could be available in App Store. E.g. SandBox rule that states that all application performance should be done within specific app folder and applications cannot access content outside the folder without user permission. That’s why we ask users to grant access to home folders in such apps as […]

  • Boost&Memory Becomes Memory Cleaner

    During the last update Boost & Memory ceased to exist. Instead, we have Memory Cleaner. Which is still qualitatively frees your RAM and significantly speeds up your Mac. At the same time he got a nice modern design and a set of additional functions. Two types of interface The new version of the application has […]