November 2015

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  • Black Friday – 2015

    Special offer both on AppStore and FasSpring. Up to 66% sale. Disk Expert Regular Price: $9.99 Holiday Price: $4.99 Disk Inspector Regular Price: $7.99 Holiday Price: $2.99 Duplicates Expert Regular Price: $9.99 Holiday Price: $4.99 ClearDisk Regular Price: $8.99 Holiday Price: $3.99 Visio Viewer Regular Price: $14.99 Holiday Price: $9.99 Mac OS X Cleanup Suite: […]

  • Those Annoying Mail Attachments

    Do you use a standard Mail application? If yes – then this article totally worth reading. Often we receive letters, pictures, documents and other files attached to them. As well we frequently send emails with attachments. Did you know that all of these attachments are saved to your hard disk and take a huge amount […]

  • What are Language Resources?

    Language Resources – are localizations of software, that is, all interface languages available in a program. Some programs have a huge number of possible interface languages that worth respect. But usually users need only one version of the interface or just a few, but obviously not 20. Individually localizations take up not much space, around […]

  • Delete Web History on Mac

    If you need to clear browser search data, follow the steps below.  Let’s consider Google Chrome: Launch the browser Go to History section (⌘+Y) or Menu (top right corner) → History and Recent tabs → History Click on Clear browsing Data In the appeared window specify items you’d like to clean up and the time […]

  • Get Rid of Logs and Caches on Mac

    Caches and logs are around 80% of junk that is collected during the apps performance. So what’s that? Caches – intermediate buffer with fast access, containing information that may be requested with the greatest probability. Accessing data in the cache is faster than sampling initial data from the slower memory or remote source, but its […]

  • How to Find .dmg and .pkg Files

    Today’s article is devoted to image files and installation packages. (.dmg & .pkg extensions) DMG files – disk image files (now they are often made without any disks, but earlier it worked like this), that are executed in a virtual image of the mounted drive. That is, in fact, a kind of archive that is […]