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  • How to uninstall Opera browser on Mac

    According to statistics, Opera is the fourth most popular browser. However, if you need to uninstall Opera browser from your Mac, you can find it tricky to do so. Deleting it by just a simple drag-and-drop to the Trash is not enough. We will tell you how to remove Opera from your Mac correctly. Manual […]

  • Uninstall-Photoshop-on-Mac-App-Cleaner

    Uninstall Adobe Photoshop from Mac

    As well as any other large app downloaded outside App Store, Adobe Photoshop creates lots of service files. They are operate similarly to caches in browser. Photoshop tracks your experience, saves states of various objects and current drawings, error logs, etc. If you was working with our disk utilities downloaded from App Store like App […]

  • Blog_Tracking-of-App-Leftovers

    Tracking of App Leftovers

    We all know that our applications are usually stored in the Applications folder and removed therefrom. But not everyone knows that often each program creates a bunch of system files scattered in different locations all over the hard drive. How to find system files of apps? Here is a list of directories that can be stored in the […]

  • Blog-Delete-Whole-Application-with-App-Cleaner

    Delete Whole Application with App Cleaner

    Apple has specific restrictions on apps that could be available in App Store. E.g. SandBox rule that states that all application performance should be done within specific app folder and applications cannot access content outside the folder without user permission. That’s why we ask users to grant access to home folders in such apps as […]

  • uninstall browser

    How to Uninstall Browsers on Mac

    Without any doubts future belongs to Internet technology. The WEB has become an integral part of the lives of almost every person on the planet. High speed Internet connection and the development of web technologies allowed transfer of many offline jobs to online. Not far off is the time when our computers, phones and tablets […]

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    Reset Applications

    How to delete applications caches, log items, temporary files, i.e. to reset application and start using it as the first time ever? If you launch App Uninstaller and select one of applications you may see the following image: The app shows specific files in sections. Executables – application’s program files. Note: Executables with the same identifier […]