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  • clear cache on Mac

    How to clear mac cache

    If you are a Mac user, you probably know that OS X stores lots of cache files. A cache file is a temporary data file created by apps, browsers and many other programs to help your Mac run faster. However, sometimes these cache files can get corrupted because of software updates, and this can cause […]

  • StartUp Disk is Full

    How to quickly free up several Mb of disk space if your Mac is full and displays the following message: There are a few tips how to reclaim around ~4 Gb of space in a matter of 2-3 minutes. Delete app’s caches. Delete unnecessary desktop pictures. Delete unnecessary dictionaries. Delete unnecessary fonts. These files are […]

  • Tracking of App Leftovers

    We all know that our applications are usually stored in the Applications folder and removed therefrom. But not everyone knows that often each program creates a bunch of system files scattered in different locations all over the hard drive. How to find system files of apps? Here is a list of directories that can be stored in the […]

  • Delete Internet History on Mac

    To cleanup browser data you should do the following. Let’s consider Google Chrome: Launch browser Go to History section (⌘+Y) or Menu (top right corner)->History and Recent tabs->History Click on Clear browsing Data In appeared window specify everything you’d like to cleanup and time period. Browsing history – saved data about all visited pages. Download […]

  • Get Rid of Logs and Caches on Mac

    Caches and logs are around 80% of junk that is collected during the apps performance. So what’s that? Caches – intermediate buffer with fast access, containing information that may be requested with the greatest probability. Accessing data in the cache is faster than sampling initial data from the slower memory or remote source, but its […]

  • delete-remains-app-uninstaller

    Delete Remains

    Most applications store different service information on your hard drive. Such files are not temporary and could stay on your hard drive even though the app was deleted from Applications folder. Some applications create and write their temporary files in different folders, violating Apple requirements on the organization of temporary and service files. In this […]

  • Startup Disk Full?

    Brief tips if your startup disk is almost full: Cleanup Most Congested Items with ClearDisk: Trash Downloads Logs Caches Language Resources     Move files to external drives with Disk Expert: Desktop Documents, Video & Image folders iTunes Libraries   For further instruction go by the following link: