Duplicates Expert

  • Duplicate File Finder Tips

    Today we will tell you how to configure accuracy and speed while searching for duplicates with Duplicate File Finder, protect the files you need, and other tips for using the application. To go to Duplicate Finder Preferences click , + ⌘ or Menu –>Duplicate File Finder –>Preference Minimal file size PrimeFile allows to specify minimum file size […]

  • Free Duplicate Finder

    Today we introduce Duplicate Finder, freeware utility to find any duplicate file on Mac OS X. Duplicate Finder searches for images, videos, music, archives, documents and all other specific extensions. Every found file is displayed in a corresponding category with its location on the hard drive, a quick link to the Finder, as well with file preview. […]

  • Duplicates Expert Auto Select

    How to Use Auto Select Feature? Since Duplicates Expert became available on AppStore we found that many users took an interest in our Auto Select feature and received many emails about it. In this post we will clarify how the feature works and how to use it properly. As you could see we have two […]

  • The Most Advanced Duplicate File Finder

    Duplicates Expert is a great piece of software to free up around 5-10% of duplicate space on your hard drive that is absolutely redundant. How that could happen? You have lots of files that were copied or downloaded several times, multiple documents that were saved several times, etc. Duplicates Expert is a duplicate file finder […]