• Blog2016_CriticalissueError1970viaWiFi

    Critical issue! Error 1970 via Wi-Fi

    Probably many of you have heard about 1st January 1970 error. If not we will tell you briefly. There is a bug of iOS devices with 64 bit processors. If you will set date on such device as 1.01.1970 and reboot device – it will show you Apple logo but boot won’t have been complete and […]

  • How to Set Custom Text Shortcuts

    How to Set Custom Text Shortcuts on iPhone iOS 9

    In this article we will show you how to make your mailing and chatting more comfortable and easier. You probably noticed, that your iOS device corrects your text and sometimes replaced some words.Some times it doesn’t let you type some slang words or abbreviations. To reduce such corrections you should teach your iPhone to your […]

  • Blog2016_AppleMarch2016Event

    All You Have to Know About Apple March 2016 Event

    On the 21st of March Apple Event took place. It was the first time, when Apple presented new iPhone in spring, instead of autumn. In this article, we will tell you everything you have to know about it. Health and Ecology For quite a long period of time, Apple is working to ensure that our […]

  • Top8iPhoneShortcuts

    Top – 8 iPhone Shortcuts

    It would seem that the iPhone does not have as many buttons and each one has a well-defined purpose. But in some combination or specific situation it may have different meaning. Perhaps about some shortcuts you already know, but for sure some will surprise you. Let’s start with the most common, and then go deeper. […]

  • Blog2016_SaveiPhoneStorageSumup

    Save iPhone Storage: Sum up

    This article concludes series on how to save storage on your iPhone as well as quickly free up space if you’ve seen the message “Storage Almost Full“. In this article we sum-up main points of iPhone storage management. Setting up Photos This is the first point where you should start to optimize storage on your iPhone. Since original definition of photographs and videos is large. […]

  • Blog2016_SaveiPhoneStorage#4

    Save iPhone Storage #4: Notes, Mail and Podcasts

    Today we will talk about 3 more standard applications that were not mentioned in our previous articles. Notes Recently simple Notes app obtained ability to add media files to a simple text. What greatly increased size of created file. If you have used to add media to your notes, it’s better to clean them occasionally. […]

  • Blog2016_SaveiPhoneStorage#3

    Save iPhone Storage #3: App Management

    How to manage your iPhone applications in order to minimize usage of storage? Uninstall Unused Applications It may sound really strange, but according to statistics average person uses on regular basis only 30% of installed applications. 20% are downloaded and only launched once. We recommend to look through your apps. And delete the once you don’t use […]