RAM memory

  • Blog2016_HowtoChangeMemoryonMac

    iMac RAM Replacement

    How to Change Memory on Mac Recently, we got iMac 2011 into our hands. It had the minimum amount of RAM that could be set for its type – 4GB. In 2016, that is sorely inadequate. It was therefore decided to add more RAM memory. And in this article, we will tell you how to […]

  • Blog_Top-5-Memory-Eaters-We-All-Use

    Top 5 Memory Eaters We All Use

    In this article we consider applications which are the most greedy in use of RAM. Immediately it is worth to mention that we shall consider only those applications that are used by the majority of users and will not involve heavy professional programs. Also we will use the average memory usage, not counting the moments […]

  • Blog_Memory-Cleaner-X

    How to use Memory Cleaner X

    This article covers how to use our utility efficiently. When Memory Cleaner X launched in the menu bar you have RAM usage indicator. In principle, it is sufficient to avoid overloading of the system. For normal operation of the system routine tasks it is required to have 1-1.5 GB of memory. What to do? Consider […]