All You Have to Know About Apple March 2016 Event

On the 21st of March Apple Event took place. It was the first time, when Apple presented new iPhone in spring, instead of autumn. In this article, we will tell you everything you have to know about it.

Health and Ecology

For quite a long period of time, Apple is working to ensure that our gadgets are not only for business and the media but also for our physical health. Last 2 years variable fitness trackers and smart watch have got very popular in our society.  Apple presented its own device – Apple Watch.

Now Apple Presented specially developed Health Kit  – special tools for developers, that will allow them to create new specialised apps, like training assistants diagnostic tools and so on.. On Demonstration, they show special diagnostic app for people who are suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.

Also, Apple told us about its actions aimed at ecology saving and introduced Liam – a robot that utilizes old devices. It becomes very popular on the internet.

Apple Watch and TV OS

Many users expected Apple Watch 2, but Apple showed us only new belts. Also we saw minor update of TV OS. Now you can create folders to organaize your content.

iPad Pro 9.7-inch

iPad Pro becomes more global device. Apple releases it on the most popular size 9.7-inch. Basically it’s the same iPad Pro that’ve been shown in September, same powerful, with 4 speakers, supporting keyboard and Apple Pencil, but smaller. Also iPad now has exclusieve feature – true tone display. It’s set colours on your iPad depends on environment. So you can see more nature image.

iPhone SE

And the most long-awaited and controversial – new iPhone SE. There were a lot of rumors and design leaks around  coming iPhone. But no one expected what happened. iPhone SE is the exact copy of iPhone 5S on the surface and exact coy of iPhone 6s inside. Many outraged by the fact that Apple released the device with three years old design. Apple saved money for production of new body, but we got an extremely powerful device in scale, which many consider as an ideal for just $ 399.

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