All You Need to Know About “Apple Special Event”

Today we will briefly tell you about all the updates and innovations presented at the “Apple Special Event. September 9, 2015.”

Apple Watch

  • New body colors
  • New line of Apple Watch straps
  • Ability to view video

But it’s all are little things, the big fish is that in the newest Watch OS 2 there is an ability to write applications directly for Apple Watch. Previously it was possible to create apps for iPhone with notifications on Apple Watch. Apple has given developers the opportunity to unlock the whole potential of the device, what was highly expected.

Result: Firstly, Apple Watch become more personal, you can choose more colors and straps, respectively, the clock will be more suitable to your style. Secondary, watches became more independent in addition to your iPhone with the release of Watch OS2.

Apple TV

  • App Store
  • Siri

The new console with trackpad and a gyroscope, which allows to use itself as a gamepad. Games available for Apple TV are similar to famous Nintendo Wi & WiU.

Result: Now the console becomes a full-fledged independent Apple device. There are special applications, voice control and supplement devices. Thus Apple TV almost fully integrated within Apple ecosystem.

iPad Pro

Series name greatly describes the device characteristics:

  • Extremely big screen 12.9 inches
  • Pressure sensor
  • 4 speakers
  • Support for Apple-designed keyboard and Apple Pencil

It should be noted that Pencil is intended for drawing and other narrow professional tasks only. Apple is still adheres to the philosophy that you need to use a touch screen with hands. But they understand that finger would never achieve such accuracy as using a pencil. For comparison, try to draw a man, first with pencil and then with painted finger.

Result: Apple went by a way of device diversification. Professionals got iPad Pro, for everyday use – iPad mini, and for multimedia and general tasks – iPad Air.

It began from MacBooks, and at the same circuit where Air – is a happy medium.

iPhone 6

  • Color “pink gold”
  • Function of force touch and taptic engine module (like Apple watch and Macbook 12 “)
  • 12 megapixel camera and video in 4K

Result: iPhone (especially improved S models) have always been aggregators of all innovations and new features of Apple. iPhone 6s is especially evident (force touch on Macbook 12, Apple Watch).

Given the tendency of verification of devices for different users comes an idea that we may see in the 7 series of iPhone 3 types of devices about 4′, 4,5′, 5′ inches display to meet all users’ needs.

What do you think about innovations of Apple? Write in the comments below.