Boost&Memory Becomes Memory Cleaner

During the last update Boost & Memory ceased to exist. Instead, we have Memory Cleaner. Which is still qualitatively frees your RAM and significantly speeds up your Mac. At the same time he got a nice modern design and a set of additional functions.

Two types of interface

The new version of the application has got two operation modes, and you can choose between them.

Simplified mode

Memory Cleaner simple

Here you can see how much memory you use (in megabytes and percents). Results of last cleanup are displayed as well.

Advanced mode

Memory Cleaner wide

Clicking on the arrow to the right of Memory usage you will see a list of all running applications and how much RAM every application takes. By pressing the right button, you can quit and force quit apps.

You can switch immediately between modes by pressing the arrow to the right of Memory Usage. We also improved auto-cleanup features in Preferences.

Memory Cleaner autocleaning

And now the most pleasant. Memory Cleaner – a completely FREE.