Always Check Downloads Folder and Trash

Today we talk about a place that is a dump file for 90% of users not only to Mac OS X, and other operating systems. This place, as some might have guessed, is a standard Downloads folder.

Why so many files are there? It’s really simple. The fact is that all applications whether it’s browser, instant messengers or anything else that uses connection to the web stores the downloaded data in the Downloads folder by default.

As well by default either it’s a browser or messenger it stores files without opening a dialogue window.

Therefore, we encourage you to check periodically and delete unnecessary contents of Downloads.

Also, many users forget to clean the Trash. After removing of a file, it does not disappear from your Mac staying in the Trash in case you’d like to recover it. File in the Trash takes 100% of its previous size. So you should periodically empty the Trash.

According to our observations per week average user accumulated 0.5 GB in the Trash and 0.5 GB in Downloads.

As well you can use our ClearDisk app. Except Downloads and Trash it can cleanup all types of caches and language resources.

To do this:

  1. Launch ClearDisk
  2. Choose  Downloads and Trash
  3. Press Scan Button
  4. Check results to make sure you won’t delete files you need
  5. Press Clean

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.12.36 AM