Customer Review on Memory Cleaner

I use a MacBook Pro Late for two years. I love it for the simplicity and speed of operation. But during the last six months it frequently freezes. My friend gave me an advice to use Memory Cleaner. Since it was free I do not hesitated to download it.

Using the app, I noticed that the memory usage is almost always close to 100%. Cleaning RAM I was able to accelerate the Mac, but its speed was still not enough. Then I decided to see what consumes the memory. Directly from the application I saw how much memory take applications usually I don’t close and… Google Chrome.

The fact is that I do not usually close unwanted tabs in the browser, so I accumulate them around 30. When I started to close unwanted tabs I saw how memory is relieved from my Mac, I also deleted unwanted extensions, that saved me another 100 Mb of RAM.

You can check how much memory every extension ot tab take in Customize and Control Google Chrome -> More Tools -> Task Manager.