Free Mac Tools by Nektony

Nevertheless, Macs have lots of built-in apps and features provided by Apple, still there is a room for improvements. Especially, for those who use Macs for working purposes, not only surfing social networks.

This free utilities by Nektony help you to view hidden files, delete apps’ service files, duplicate files and manage RAM.

Hidden Files

File Hunter (Funter) – simple utility that executes 4 Terminal commands in one click. It is available from the Menu bar. Click “Show Hidden Files” and in a second your Finder will be relaunched and show all files available on your device. The app is not available in AppStore. You can download it by the link:


Delete App Service Files

App Cleaner – one of Top-Utilities Overall in Mac AppStore. In a free version App Cleaner can scan and find all service files of all applications on your Mac. It will be really useful to control such storage eaters as browsers, messangers and cloud storages.

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Duplicate Files

PrimeFile gives you an ability to scan any hard drive for such types of duplicates as: images, photos, music, videos, documents, archives and other unspecified types of files. Full version also scans hidden files and folders.

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RAM Manager

With a recent update Memory Cleaner X  counts RAM usage by every app and enable quick force quit. As well the app automatically cleans up RAM if it sees overuse or if you quit large application, i.e. makes this process faster.

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