Trash Hunters #7: Monosnap Videos BackUp

Monosnap – convenient and simple program to record video and screenshots from your monitor on Mac. We often use it to record clips on our youtube channel. In today’s article we are not going to criticize the application, just describe how your files may take up unnecessary space on your hard drive because of safety reasons.

After recording of a screen or part of it, similar video preview window appears:


Here you can view, rename, change type and save the video. If you click the Save button you will be prompted to choose the place where to save the file.

Monosnap #2

If you close the window, let’s say in case you don’t like the result or you have not written what they wanted, etc. the video is still preserved in a standard folder, which is located at:

~ Users/<current user>/Movies/Monosnap.

This option can save you, if you accidentally close the window. You do not have to re-record the video.

But if you do that, then all bad videos will accumulate on your disk. As we know the video often takes much space.