OS X El Capitan Review Part 2 – Metal

Mac was never considered as a gaming tool and it’s small wonder as from the first Apple computers were design for work. The main issue always was a scarce video memory. In favor of size and power consumption, all Macs used Intel microprocessor was used for this purpose. It’s great for various kinds of operations, but for gaming, NVidia and AMD Radeon are much better solutions.

New OS X update El Capitan may be a break in the clouds for gamers and Mac lovers. Point is that a new version involves a Metal technology, that gives a chance to squeeze the maximum performance from a hardware mounted into your Apple computer. We could conclude that this technology is primarily aimed to be improved operability of such apps as FinalCut, Adobe Premier, OmniGraffle (that is also true fact) if not 2 moments:

  1. Apple declares that Metal is focused on games performance improvement.
  2. New technology is under the close supervision of such gaming giants as Blizzard, 2K, Unity, Epic Games, Autodesk, etc.

Naturally, this technology can not accelerate built-in CPU 1GB graphics card to the level of the top video 4GB cards, but the fact that Apple begins to move in this direction already says a lot.

In fact, developers interest is fully justified because:

  • Solvency of Apple users is really high. Probably, developers are looking in this direction for a long time. E.g. Mac versions of such legendary games as Tomb Raider and Call of Duty MV3 are quite eloquent.
  • Optimization. The perennial problem of PC-developers. PC’s hardware on each computer that is purely individual, a good optimization requires a lot of resources. Apple computers configuration is limited, so the writing or porting of games would be greatly simplified. Perhaps many of you know that the games on the consoles look slightly worse than on a PC, while the PC is much more expensive. The thing is that all the consoles hardware is the same.
  • Piracy. Most of the game developers prefer to create games for consoles exclusively as there is almost no piracy. of course, there is a Mac piracy, but much lesser than on the Windows-based computer.

Therefore, there is some probability that soon Apple will show us a solution for gamers with a separate graphics card that will support all recent games. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see how great our assumptions are true. But still, Mac has one great appliance for developers

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