OS X El Capitan Review Part 4 – Spotlight

Today we look deeply into a very important change that awaits us in the new version of Mac OS X El Capitan. This change is related to the search. Previously, when you press the key combination Command + Spacebar or click on a magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the display it shows the entry field. In this field you could specify a search phrase. As system improved, not only on Mac OS, but on other systems as well, search started to produce results for applications and the Internet.

In the new update the search engine can recognize a human speech. What does it mean? Those who have used Internet search engines have noticed one fact. Accuracy and success of the search depends on how well you put a query or search phrase. And you may have noticed that the structure of the query often does not look like an ordinary human speech.

For Example:

If you ask your friend to find all the white stuff in a wardrobe in the living room, then you will say something like: “Look for the white stuff in a wardrobe, the one in the living room.”

If you ask a search engine, then it will look like something similar to “white stuff wardrobe living room find.”


Changes in Spotlight Search is designed to convert your search engine to your personal assistant. Now you can write “Emails from Mark” – and the system will understand that it needs to show all the letters of Mark, when previously it used to search for all files that include words “Emails, from, Mark”.
Moreover Apple promises that a new search in addition to the being smart can also perform tasks and set reminders. In fact, it will resemble the familiar to iPad & iPhone users Siri.

How useful is this innovation? Write us in the comments.

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