OS X El Capitan Review Part 5 – Apps

This article covers changes in original Apple software that will be in the newest OS X version.


The first new handy hint appeals to those who use trackpad. Now when you swipe right your messages you mark it as read or unread, if left – letter will be put into the Trash. Such function you could previously experience in iOS devices.


Mail el capitan


Second hint will be useful to anyone. Now while creating a new message in full-window size you can switch between windows in more simple way. Previous message will be moved to bottom bar.


In a new OS X version users will be ale to pin various content to their notes. Moreover, this is available for all other Apple applications. E.g. if you navigate via Safari, you can link can create note with the link, using Apple Maps you can safe any location, etc..


Safari gained a new, really awesome way to pin tabs. You just need to drag the tab to the left corner and it will be pinned. That simple. Also you can on/off sound in all tabs at once or in a specific folder.


Maps will reflect pedestrian and underground routes as well. Thus as a traveler you’ll gain more benefits. All these changes will be available with a new version of Mac OS X El Capitan that comes this fall.

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