PS4 Remote for Mac | How to Play Games on Mac

Good news for Mac and PS4 users. 6th of April Sony releases a new update for PS4. Now you can stream games from PS4 to Mac and Windows.

What is PS4 remote and how does it work?

This service allows you to play all you PS4 games from your Mac.

Imagine you left home for a week. Took your Macbook and PS4 gamepad with you. And when you have free time and want to relax –  you can play your console games.

What do you need for this?

Updated PS4.

Mac OS application from Sony –  download from official website

Good and stable internet connection on both devices. And there should be a high upload speed of internet for a console.

Leave your console in a waiting mode.

P.S. You, obviously, couldn’t play games which you have on disks, only digital versions.

Setting up is really simple:

  1. Launch app
    ps remote launching
  2. Connect your gamepad
  3. Enter your PSN account
  4. Wait for a connection and enjoy your favorite games.
    bloodborne launched on mac screenshot