Save iPhone Storage #1: Setting up Photos

As you probably know, most of the photos worldwide are taken with the iPhone camera. This article reflects Settings of Photo app, that will help you to free up iPhone storage. So, here’s a general overview of how to save Storage, pick the ones you like.

iCloud settings

iCloud Photo Library

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save iPhone storage #2.2 copy

Basically, this option uploads your photo & video collection to Apple’s cloud storage. After you can choose Optimize iPhone Storage or Download and Keep Originals.

In the first case, the iPhone will save minimized copies, whereas in the second case – full duplicates. So, if you want to save space on your iPhone, choose the first case.

P.S. – in a free version of iCloud, you can use 5 GB only. That’s why this measure is temporary. To increase iCloud’s volume, you have to pay on a subscription basis.

Upload to My Photo Stream

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save iPhone storage #2.4

If you turn on this option, your last 100 photos are uploaded to all devices that have the same iCloud account.

It’s not so harmful by itself, but in case you have iPad and iPod Touch and for some reason, you took photos with them, you will also have copies on your iPhone.

So, be careful with this one. It can be extremely useful on Mac.

iCloud Photo Sharing

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save iPhone storage #2.4

It allows you to create folders and give access to friends, as well as subscribe to friends folders. The feature is interesting enough, but if you subscribe to pictures folders of friends, they will be downloaded to your iPhone. It is better to subscribe to their Instagram!

Camera settings

Record Video

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save iPhone storage #2.3

It’s simple, the better the quality of the video you have, the more space it takes. The inscription below shows approximately how much video will take at every option. Video settings is different for different iPhone model, latter iPhone, better the camera and larger videos. Starting with 6 series – there is a possibility to record slow-mo videos. So, have such a setting you need to.

Keep Normal Photo

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save iPhone storage #2.6

HDR mode – if it is enabled by default or put on auto – takes several photos in a moment and then processes them to a single one. It is highly recommended if there is not enough light. If you don’t switch off Keep Normal Photo function, your iPhone will save not only resulted HDR photo, but all others pictures that were used during creation. I.E. instead of one photo, you’ll get 5.

Bonus: Remove images and videos presented on your iPhone and Mac with Phone Cleaner 

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