Save iPhone Storage #3: App Management

How to manage your iPhone applications in order to minimize Storage usage?

Uninstall Unused Applications

It may sound really strange, but according to statistics average person uses on regular basis only 30% of installed applications. 20% are downloaded and only launched once. We recommend to look through your apps. And delete the once you don’t use or that are used.

To make it quickly go to:

Settings -> General -> Storage & iCloud usage -> [Storage section] Manage Storage

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ios cleanup hints

There you will see a list of your applications in descending order by size. Thus, you first will be able to find a large amount of unused applications and delete them.

How to Clear Cache on iPhone

Reinstall Applications

Apps on iOS as well as on OS X accumulate various files. However, they cannot be deleted separately. But there is a very simple solution. Simply delete the app and install it again to clear cache on iPhone. You can find out which applications are best to reinstall. To do this, click on the app you want to inspect.

Settings -> General -> Storage & iCloud usage -> [Storage section] Manage Storage

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save iPhone storage #4.2

On a screenshot – Facebook. The app itself takes 92.2 MB, its support files – 226 MB.  If you reinstall the app, you will free up 134 MB.

How to Delete Safari History on iPhone

Safari we considered separately because it cannot be simply removed. However, it has option of clearing cache and cookie files.

To delete Safari histories and caches go to:

Preferences->Safari->Clear History and Website Data

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ios cleanup hints

Bonus: Remove images and videos presented on your iPhone and Mac with Phone Cleaner

Phone Cleaner is a free application with unique functionality. It lets you scan, find and delete large media files and duplicate photos.