Save iPhone Storage #4: Notes, Mail and Podcasts

Today we will speak about 3 more standard applications that were not mentioned in our previous articles.


Recently simple Notes app obtained ability to add media files to a simple text. What greatly increased size of created file. If you have used to add media to your notes, it’s better to clean them occasionally.

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save iPhone storage #5.1


Stop Loading Remote Images

Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> [Mail section] Load Remote Images

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ios cleanup hints 4.3.2

By turning off this option you will not download pictures stored on remote servers on your iPhone, thus save some space.

Delete mail attachments

The solution is closer to lifehack, there is no one ready-made solution. Idea is the following: when you delete your mail account, and then add it again, you remove letters from the phone, but they will remain on the server. But if you scroll down to old messages, then they will be loaded again and occupy the same space.


Podcasts are simply audio or video tracks, often of good quality. But unlike songs and favourite videos, most of them you are unlikely to hear once again. If you haven’t specified this option in Settings, it’s better to delete old podcasts. They are removed as most of things on the iPhone. Find a podcast and swipe it to the left.

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save iPhone storage #5.4

Bonus: Prevent your iPhone from Overflow with interPhotos

interPhotos – is a free application. It can find and delete photos and videos from your iPhone, that duplicates with photos and videos on your Mac.


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