Save iPhone Storage #2: Messages

In this article, we will tell you how to use default applications to minimize storage usage on your device.


Keep Messages

Here you can specify how long do you want to store your messages: 30 days, a year or always (default option). So, if you use your iPhone for general purpose, you can use 30 days. Deleting text messages on iPhone will let you save memory.

 Audio and Video messages expiring

Specifies the time for your audio and video messages to be deleted. There are 2 options only: after 2 minutes & never. If you frequently send or receive audio and video messages, we recommend to turn on auto-deletion.

Delete History and Media Files on iPhone

Manually remove messages

In this case, we will not recommend you to delete all iPhone message history. Probably, some of them could be important or sensitive. But it’s better to look through your messages, a hundred to one you have lots of messages from different services: food delivery services, taxi, various sales, etc. As well there can be messages that are no longer valuable to you. So just delete them.

To delete simply go to Messages and swipe left near a contact. In the appeared menu, click “Delete”.

Delete media attachments from messages

To clear history of iPhone media files:

  1. Go to Messages.
  2. Go to a specific contact.
  3. In right top corner click Details.
  4. After contact details, you can see the media files you’ve exchanged.
  5. Pinch on a photo or video.
  6. Choose the option more…
  7. After you can select media files by a single tap.

Bonus: Save a lot amount of space on your iPhone with Phone Cleaner

Phone Cleaner is a free useful application, which allows you to find large photos and videos on your iPhone and duplicate photos.

Phone Cleaner