Amazing Scanning Speed of Nektony Apps

Today we’re happy to share the amazing updates of Nektony apps. Duplicate File Finder and Disk Expert made a big step to a faster scanning speed. What’s under the hood?

Optimizing for Apple’s newest file system APFS

Apple used to use HFS+ file system which has been criticized for years. Finally, in 2017 it received a replacement alongside macOS High Sierra. The new file system is called APFS, and it has modernized technologies, includes new features and provides a better support for all Apple products. Both apps, Duplicate File Finder and Disk Expert were optimized for APFS and now they perform a stunning speed.

Duplicate File Finder v.5.3

It usually takes less than a minute for Duplicate File Finder to scan folders or disk for duplicate files. Since the version 5.3 of Duplicate File Finder, you will get the duplicates results with even higher speed no matter what type of disk or what volume you are scanning. The speed has increased twice or even three times. Update Duplicate File Finder right now and make certain that it’s amazing!

To check what version of the app you use, just go to the Menu bar and select About Duplicate File Finder.

dupe finder version

Also, new hints were added to the “Select duplicates in folders” dialog, so that it is now easier in use and more intuitive for new users.

duplicate file finder update

Disk Expert v.2.7

Whether you’re scanning a separate folder, external drive or your Macintosh hard drive, you will be amazed by the scanning speed of Disk Expert. Faster! Better! Smarter! That’s all about Disk Expert. The application has got great improvements to its scan algorithm and now provides the best performance among other disk space analyzers for Mac.

We’ve compared the time to scan a 206.9 GB of Mac HD. The version 2.7 showed a twice less time to scan that volume than the version 2. 5. Perfect! Isn’t it?

disk expert update new version
Update Disk Expert right Now and explore your hard drive in less than a minute.