Top 7 Apps to Uninstall on Mac

This article is devoted to the most popular applications Mac users would like to uninstall completely. Unfortunately, applications installed not from the App Store may have small violations in SandBox rule (it basically sets the rule where app can create files or have access to). So apps outside App Store can create files in other locations that in turn leads to a scenario. Some files can remain on a hard drive even though the original app was already uninstalled.

So here’s a hit-parade of the most popular apps to delete:

#7: Java – This small app is not a usual one. It is required by oldscool apps, mostly games, e.g. Minecraft. After it is installed, you can reach it in Preferences.

#6: Flash – This small app is not a usual one. It is required in case you’d like to watch video or / and play games in browsers. It is also available from Preferences.

#5: µTorrent – Yet, this is mostly illegal file exchange, it’s quite popular. µToorent create lots of data in Application Support, Caches, Preferences and LaunchAgents folders.

#4: Mozilla – Almost all browsers except original Safari are downloaded from the developer. Thus, in course of time they create leftovers.


And here is our winners trio!

#3: Most commonly used messenger – SKYPE.

#2: Most commonly used cloud storage – DROPBOX.

#1: And the champion is CHROME browser.

Follow the links to learn how to delete them.

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