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  • Disk Inspector – quick tool to scan and discover biggest files and folders on Mac hard drives.

  • Release date: June 24

  • Top-10 Utilities: 87 countries

  • 5-stars ratings: 211

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What our Users Say

  • M Wood

    I don’t usually write reviews but I felt compelled with this little gem of an app. If you want a fast, comprehensive breakdown of where exactly your disk storage is coming from, look no further! Personally, I nailed down 50 GB of unneeded disk hogging right after my first scan. Recommended!

    Incredibly useful, very intuitive

    This tool does a fantastic job of visualizing the data on your disk so you can easily find “high value” targets to delete from your filesystem.

    Amazingly fast and effective

    The initial scan took only minutes on my MacBook Air 11″. The visual display is very telling and allowed me to locate large unneeded files quickly. I was rapidly able to clean off about 14GB of space.

    Good tool for freeing disk space

    Just tried it for the first time. It’s intuitive and takes just seconds to run. You also have the option to see the files it will delete before you run it. Great tool!

    Nice tool – Jello

    Very nice tool, great visualization, and digging down into details. It really has helped me trim the hard drive space. Thank you!

    Functional and Pretty! – Riley

    I just found a >60GB (basically empty) disk image that somehow got past me for a long time. It might’ve been a long time longer without Disk Inspector. It’s extremely intuitive, and there aren’t lots of extraneous buttons and settings—it’s very straightforward. The pinwheel visualization combined with its function makes this a very helpful app in finding those massive files and folders that really needn’t be there!

    Very helpful – Alex

    I decided to upgrade to Lion, but installation requires so many disk space I haven’t. Disk Inspector opened my eyes how I could have space. I found 20Gb files to remove and free disk in 10 minutes. I regret only I didn’t find the app earlier and suffered from Lion… Thanks a lot for so helpful tool!

    Great tool – Monkton

    I use a small SSD as my boot drive and it takes a certain amount of vigilance to keep it from getting choked up with cache files, backups, and others to keep a decent amount of space open. Simple and very effective tool. The only thing I don’t like is the annoying “leave feedback on app store” reminders. But, hey, they got me here. Hopefully, they will go away now. Good work. Highly recommended.

    This app is ridiculously useful – Rowan K

    All the great things everyone else has said are true. I have had this for one day and I can’t believe I lived previously without it. This app is super easy, amazingly useful, and a great value for the price. Highly recommended.

    Excellent Tool – James C

    It doesn’t take long for a project to grow to ridiculous sizes. It also doesn’t take long for you to forget to go back and clean up those files later. This tool is an excellent way to concentrate on the 20% of the files that take up 80% of your disk space.

    Brilliant clean up tool! – T Barlow

    Call me crazy, but I think it’s sort of ridiculous that Macs don’t inherently come with a nice program like this.