7. Shortcuts

For your convenience, you can use special shortcuts in the Disk Expert app.

List of all available shortcuts

  • Command (⌘)+S – Scan the volume
  • Command (⌘)+R – go to the root of the scanned volume
  • Command (⌘)+O – reveal current root element in Finder
  • Command (⌘)+Y – Quick Look current root element
  • Command (⌘)+I – open information window for the current root element
  • Command(⌘)+D – remove the item from the collection

List of controls for the Sunburst diagram

  • Scan Volume – click on the diagram center (for not scanned volume)
  • Switch on/off displaying free space – click on the diagram center (for scanned volume)
  • Open sunburst diagram for parent folder – click on the diagram center
  • Open sunburst diagram for child folder – click on folder sector
  • Show the item in Finder – Press Command (⌘) and click on folder or file sector
  • Add items to the collection – press Enter