Getting Stared

Duplicates Expert locates all duplicate files in a specified folder(s). To find your duplicate files choose any folder(s) to and press “Scan” button.

Review found duplicates, select unneeded and remove them.

1. Click on Plus button to choose folder(s)

2. Choose folder to be scanned

3. Click on Play to start scan

4. During the scan operation you will see animated bar chart that represents scanned files and folders

5. Bars with solid fill represent duplicates files found

6. When scan finished you are switched to Overview screen with summary information about the scan

6.1. Barchart displays duplicates found by a file type, the bigger a bar – more duplicates were found for a corresponding file type

6.2. Right upper list shows the biggest Similars (similar folders) found

6.3. Bottom right list shows quick hints to process your duplicate files. Learn more how to follow tips and remove duplicates

7. Switch to any category (Pictures, Movies, …), select duplicate file, review duplicate entries, select unneeded files for removal, click Remove selected

8. Review selected files and confirm deletion

Perform the same steps, review and remove unneeded duplicates. Learn more how to manage folder duplicates, and similars