More About Similars

Sometimes, you can have two or more folders that have both duplicate and unique files.

These folders are not duplicates, and cannot be found with an ordinary duplicate search tool.
Luckily, you got a right one. Duplicates Expert finds such folders as well.

We call such folders Similars or similar folders.


The folders have 2 duplicate files, and one unique file.

When duplicates’ scan is complete, similar folders will be displayed on the last Similars section.




Similar folders view. There are 2 folders with several duplicate files inside.




Duplicate folders have absolutely identical files list, see example below. These folders are duplicates.

Duplicate folders. folders contain 3 identical files.

Sometimes you might have “almost” duplicate folders, when one folder has one extra file, a unique one.
The folders are not duplicates, they are Similars.



Similar folders, not duplicates. Both folders contain 3 identical files, furthermore docs folder contains one extra file –

The similar folders in the application.



Or one duplicate file is missing, and some unique files and folders exist in other folder.



Both folders contain duplicate files, and unique files and folders.

The similar folders in the application.




Duplicates Expert finds these similar folders. The application displays the list of duplicate files inside the folders, and even displays list of unique files.