Why Duplicates Expert’s Scanning Result Cannot be Saved?

Why Duplicates Expert’s scanning result can not be saved?

Duplicates finder sava state

Duplicates Expert does not have ability to “save” scanned results because of security reasons. If saving and then loading duplicates hierarchy, you might get incorrect results. There can be duplicate files that might be removed already. So, you can remove the only left original file.

Let us explain. Imagine you have 3 duplicate files: A, B and C. 

You scanned your Mac, found these duplicates and saved the state. 

Then you, or any other user/app remove files A and B.

After you loaded your results, still there are 3 duplicates exist and you might decide to remove duplicate file C.

By removing it you will lose all your files (A & B had been removed by another app already).

So, saving and loading scan results might be really confusing, and conduce you to make wrong decision.