5 Steps to Cleanup Storage on iPad

iPad Storage Full! What to Do?


Have you seen something similar on your iPad? We will show you 5 most effective and quick steps to free up your storage.

Let’s go!

Step 1: Remove unused applications

To do it much quicker go to Settings

Settings -> Storage & iCloud Usage -> [STORAGE][/STORAGE] Manage Storage

In this menu, you can see the how much space each application application takes and remove the ones you don’t need.

Step 2: Remove music files

During the last 3 years cloud and streaming technologies greatly stepped forward. And if you have a good stable 3G or higher Internet. You will loose a lot of places switching to streaming music. You can use Apple Music service. Read more on Apple website.

5 steps to clean iPad #2

Step 3: Remove iMessage history

The problem often manifests itself on iPhones, but many iPad users also use iPad for quick messages. Removing them will free up a substantial amount of space on your device. (Especially if you often sends media files via iMessage).

Step 4: Clear History and Website Data on Safari

Safari as other browser often creates lots of caches and cookies. It’s mobile version is not an exception. Go to Preferences – > Safari -> Clear History and Website Data.

Step 5: Remove Unneeded Photos and Videos

It’s rather about service photos, screenshots, bad photos (we often make a few photos, and then to select the most successful forgetting to delete others). Also here we can refer to picture of Instagram. Or any other application that are stored in a separate album or Camera Roll on your iOS device by apps’ defaults.

Bonus: Delete images and videos you already have on your Mac with interPhotos

You can save a significant amount of megabytes, in case you track if your files are not duplicated on different devices. For easy and fast removal you can use our free app – interPhotos. The app scans your iPad and Mac, finds duplicate files and removes them from your iPad in a couple of clicks.

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