Clean Up Unnecessary Data on iOS

Free space is always a problem on iPhone. Unlike Mac that have lots of different apps that can scan your hard drive, clean up caches and logs, manage service files of applications, delete duplicates and so on, iOS users have to do everything just with their own hands. There is nothing more simple than squander iPhone / iPad storage by taking photos, texting and installing games.

So, here are a few tips how to free up space on your device.

0. Delete unwanted apps

Of course, it’s not a huge tip. Nonetheless there is a way how to do it quickly without inspecting every app screen and folder. Go to Settings -> General -> Storage & iCloud Usage -> Manage Storage and you will see all your apps in a plain list sorted by the size they take. Scroll and select ones you don’t need anymore, click and press the button “Delete App”. Much easier, isn’t it?


1. Reinstall Social Networks.

Social networks don’t take much space being installed, but once you launch them, they cache your friends profile pictures, their statuses and user data. Not always it is necessary. E.g. Instagram downloads around 0.5 Gb of additional files.

2. Cleanup Photos in Messengers.

Same story about messengers. Delete and reinstall, because some of them don’t cache, saving messages forever and ever. Note: You can predefine storing settings in iMessages. Got o Settings -> Messages -> scroll till “Keep Messages” and choose another available option instead of “Forever”: 1 year or 30 days.


3. Manage iCloud and Apple Backups.

Sorry, Apple, but we don’t need your security services as much as you want us to. In fact, if you google for “free app space on iPhone”, you will find guide by Apple about iCloud and Backup issues. So:

For iOS 8 or later, tap Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage.
In earlier versions, tap Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup.

In this section you can delete special apps or the whole backup.

4. Delete or Transfer Voice Memos and VoiceMail if you have ones.

Apple’s Voicemails & Voice Memos can quickly take up space if you never delete any of them. You can individually delete every VoiceMail in the app. Voice Memos can be managed on Mac in iTunes.

5. Don’t double save photos.

Sometimes we take 4-5 photos to choose the best one or even use burst. Don’t forget to delete others. Such situations can be easily managed within Moments overview screen in Photos. Where pictures are separated by data and place they were taken. That easy.
save iPhone storage #2.6


P.S. An advance tip: to get rid of photos already copied on Mac. How to do it in a minutes in stead of? Well, can be easily done with a free app – interPhotos.


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