Delete Photos from iPhone

Delete photos from iOS without a Mac

The fastest way to delete photos on your iPhone with iOS 7 or higher is to open Photos app, enter the Moments view (left button down), tap Select (Upper right corner), and click Select to the right of each of the moments (it will select every photo and you can deselect important ones if necessary), then tap the trash icon. Note that photos can be placed to a temporary album “Recently Deleted“.

As well, if you use iOS 8 or higher, check such albums as “Bursts“, “Screenshot“, “Selfies” in Albums preview.


Delete photos from iOS with a Mac

Connect your iPhone to a Mac with a cable and launch Image Capture. It is a pre-installed system application. We cannot recommend another better utility for transferring photos (as well as videos and MP3 sounds) from any connected device like scanners, cameras, iPads, and iPhones.

So, select your iPhone from a Devices tab. Select the destination where you’d like to import images and click Import All if you want to get rid of images on iPhone completely. Alternatively, you can choose specific images. Note, that you can use only a preview to make a decision. Cause once you double tap on an image, it started importing on Mac.


Now you can delete photos on iPhone by pressing a button near “Import To:“. Unfortunately, there is no quick shortcut.

Alternatively you can use recently added to system toolkit Photos app. Click on the right section “Import” and don’t forget to tick option “delete items after import“.


Small Tip

How to recheck if all images that were transferred to a Mac were deleted on iPhone? You can use a free utility Phone Cleaner by Nektony. It synchronizes Mac and iPhone and scans photos and images. All duplicates are shows within minutes.
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