How to Copy Photos from iPhone

How to copy photos & videos from iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a Mac or PC

Apple is more than just a number of beautifully designed computers, phones and now watches. Magic begins when all these devices start working as a system. So, in fact, there is nothing easier then importing of photos and videos from iOS to mac and vice versa. And, of course, it hurts when doing this with a PC. Anyway, connect your iPhone with the USB cable and let’s begin!

Copy Photos to your Mac

There are 2 applications pre-installed with OS X one can use for transferring of photos from iOS to OS X: Photos and Image Captures. Image Capture basically does one thing – copying. Also you can delete your files afterwards.

Photo-transferring in photos is not more complicated either. Note that the app copies photos to a special system folder “Photo Library” (that can be however changed in Preferences). Once photos being replaced, the app creates a special album. That simple. You can also use Photos app for edits similar to iPhone or add specific extensions.


Copy Photos to your PC

  • Unlock your iPhone if it is necessary.
  • Make sure PC is trusted by the device.
  • Launch Start menu and select Computer.
  • Right click on image of appeared iPhone or iPad.
  • Click on appeared option “Import photos and videos.
  • Specify importing settings by choosing folder paths to import photos and videos.
  • Specify tags if necessary.
  • Finally, start transferring.


Small Tip

How to recheck if all images that were transferred to a Mac were deleted on iPhone? You can use a free utility by Nektony. It synchronizes Mac and iPhone and scans photos and images.
Take a look:

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