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How to Uninstall XBMC from Mac | Removal guide


Firstly quit XBMC. To do this you can press ⌘+Q while app is active.
Or press OFF button in the left-bottom corner and select Exit.


uninstal xbmc
Go to Applications folder. Find XMBC and move it to the Trash. Basically, it’s all you have to do to uninstall XMBC, but in fact it is not enough. There are lots of  system files. So it’s better to uninstall them.
Here is the list of those folders and files.

Use shortcut ⌘+⇧+G for fast navigation among them.


Go to the folder

Users / [current user] / ~Library / Application Support / XBMC

Users / [current user] / ~Library /Saved Application State / com.teamxbmc.xbmc.savedState

Users / [current user] / ~Library / Logs / xbmc.log

Users / [current user] / ~Library /Logs / xbmc.old.log

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