Uninstall Soundflowerbed

Remove Soundflowerbed manualy

First of all you have to quit Soundflowerbed.
To do this right click on Soundflowerbed and select Quit Soundflowerbed.

uninstall soundlowerbed mac #1

Next. Go to Applications folder and find there Soundflowerbed and move it to the Trash.

uninstall soundflowerbed mac #2

Then go to: Macintosh Hd > private > var > db > receipts
Found there all files that contain soundflowerbed in their names and delete them.

uninstall soundflowerbed mac #3

Reboot your Mac and Soundflowerbed will be completely uninstalled from your Mac.

Uninstall Soundflowerbed using App Uninstaller

App Uninstaller is advanced tool for App removal that allows you to remove app completely with all it’s service files in several clicks.

uninstall soundflowerbed mac #4