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Quick Review of Bundle Apps


  • el-capitan-app-uninstaller

  • App Uninstaller

    1. Scan and find all apps on your Mac
    2. Uninstall apps completely from
    3. Find leftovers from other apps
    4. Delete specific app service files
    5. Reset applications’ state
  • Disk Expert

    1. Analyze your hard drive content
    2. Transfer files between folders and drives
    3. Look deep into hidden folders
    4. Scan custom folder only, like DropBox
    5. Found out 25 biggest files for any folder
  • el-capitan-disk-expert

  • el-capitan-clear-disk

  • ClearDisk

    1. Cleanup Startup Disk
    2. Delete app apps’ caches
    3. Delete all apps’ logs
    4. Remove redundant language localizations
    5. Empty Trash and Downloads in 2 clicks
  • Duplicates Expert

    1. Search for duplicate files of any type
    2. Search for duplicate folders
    3. Scan even system and hidden items
    4. Specify scanning range
    5. Follow smart cleanup hints
  • el-capitan-duplicates-expert

  • icon_memory-cleaner-x

  • Memory Cleaner X

    1. Free up inactive RAM automatically or manually
    2. Monitor memory usage by every app
    3. Force quit voracious apps
    4. Specify automatic cleanup preferences
    5. Link to other bundle applications
  • Disk Inspector

    1. Inspect every folder on your Mac
      Manage music, photo & video collections
      Find biggest files and folders
      Scan all types of hard drives
      Review information about disk items
  • icon_Disk-Inspector

Mac Cleanup suite apps

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