If you face a lack of free space on your Mac hard drive, your Startup disk is full and you just need more free storage space, you can clean up your Mac with MacCleaner Pro.

Follow these steps to clean up your Mac:

  1. Switch to the Clean up Mac section from the sidebar.
  2. Take a look at the list of selected junk files that can be safely removed:
    • Caches – temporary files created when you use applications on your computer. Over time, the volume of cache files significantly grows, which slows down your Mac.
    • Installation files – files that are used to set up programs. Once you’ve installed a program, you don’t need these files anymore.
    • Language files – files for software localization. Most likely you don’t need all language resources and can remove unneeded ones.
    • Downloads – you may download tons of files from the Internet each day and forget to remove unneeded files. The overall size of these files may take up significant space, so select and remove these “space eaters”.
  3. In the Expert mode you will find more items that you most likely don’t need and can also select for removal.
    • Mail attachments – these files are automatically saved on your Mac and eventually take up serious amounts of storage space. Find and remove old unneeded email downloads.
    • Screenshot files – for different reasons, you regularly take pictures from your desktop. These pictures occupy significant storage space and it’s likely that most of them are unnecessary. So, we would advise you to take a look at them and remove unneeded screenshots.
    • Files in the Trash bin – files in the Trash take 100% of their previous sizes. It’s a little reminder to empty Trash on your Mac.
  4. Once you select all unneeded files, click the Remove button and confirm the deletion.