FAQ – Memory Monitor

01. What is RAM?

RAM (random access memory) is a temporary workspace on your hard drive, where the operating system, application programs and data currently being used are kept. Thereby, they can be reached quickly when the user wants to open the program again. The more RAM you have, the more applications you can have open at once.

02. Why do I need a RAM cleaner?

You may have noticed that when too many apps are running, your Mac slows down. The reason is a lack of RAM memory. Even when you close the application, the memory doesn’t become free immediately, and can still be marked as occupied. Memory Monitor clears inactive memory and makes it available for other applications immediately. After clearing the inactive memory your Mac runs smoothly again.

03. What is Memory Monitor used for?

Memory Monitor is an app that optimizes inactive memory and speeds up your Mac’s performance. It displays the biggest apps that utilize the most RAM and frees up RAM memory periodically, making more free memory that is available for new apps.

04. How do I check memory usage with Memory Monitor?

After being launched, the app’s icon will appear in the Menu Bar. Click on the icon and see the memory being used as a percentage or in Mb (whichever you prefer).

05. Is it possible to clean up memory automatically?

Yes. You can enable automatic inactive memory cleaning in the settings.

06. Can I change cleaning frequency?

Yes. You can set one of 3 frequencies to let Memory Monitor free up RAM automatically.
Note, you are able to determine the level of memory optimizing that will take place when optimizing is enabled to start automatically.

07. What are Disk Usage details tabs used for?

Memory Monitor shows what types and groups of files that fill your hard drive. You can view the size of junk files, duplicates, the biggest unused files and unused applications. They can be removed by MacCleaner Pro tools or in the manual way. If you use one of the Nektony applications from the MAcCleaner Pro bundle, then you can start the cleaning process right from there. The point is that the lower part of the interface is responsible for synchronizing all of the Nektony utilities and displays when they should be used.

08. What are junk files?

Junk files are temporary files created by apps when they run. They get stored in various system directories and can be even hidden from users. Although these files are not very harmful it is recommended that you clean them, as they can take up a great deal of memory space.

09. Is Memory Monitor free?

Yes. The application is absolutely free and available in the App Store to download.

10. What are requirements for Memory Monitor?

The app runs on Mac OS X 10.9 or later.