Video Tutorials for Disk Space Analyzer
(Disk Inspector)

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Popular Mac Disk  Space Analyzer

  • Perform Disk Space Inventory

    Nektony Disk Space Analyzer is a disk scanning utility for Mac OS X. It scans any supported drive and generates a chart representing the file system usage. After processing your hard drive will be defined as a group of sectors representing various folders (files) different by color and size. Size of sectors calculated respectively to total size. This makes DI an efficient solution to identify the bulkiest files on your hard drive.

  • View Disk Usage

    Disk Space Analyzer is addressed to those who want to keep track of what, where and how large files are stored. Disk Space Analyzer integrates with familiar system tools, so you can reveal the file in Finder and preview file using QuickLook. Thus you can immediately manage files.

  • Check Disk Space

    Disk Space Analyzer is able to scan SMB disks and the hard drive on Mac OS X (or any other supported drive). It generates a colorful chart (sunburst diagram) representing the file system. At the moment, the program supports HDD volumes, CD and DVD discs, removable USB drives, mounted DMG and even SMB disk image. The app scanning process speed is extremely fast, e.g. for a 100GB hard drive it takes less than one minute.

  • Scan Flash Drives

    Disk space analyzers are mostly is used to scan system hard drives, nevertheless, Disk Space Analyzer is also able to scan external drives with the same speed. To explore flash drive’s content it must be visible in Finder. If no, go to Finder preferences and check “External Disks” field in “Sidebar” menu. NOTE: Disk Space Analyzer is also able to scan CD and DVD discs, removable USB drives, mounted DMG and even SMB disk image.

  • Scan SMB Shared External Drive

    Disk Space Analyzer is able to scan Windows File Sharing (Server Message Block – SMB) external drives. This feature would be beneficial for those who connect Windows PC with Mac OS X. To scan SMB share this folder to your Mac and add it in your Finder (COMMAND + K shortcut) and enter the password. After this SMB drive will be visible for Disk Space Analyzer as any other system’s hard drives.

  • Scan FileVault-protected Folder

    As well Disk Space Analyzer scans the FileVault-protected Home folder. FireVault is a special on the fly encryption method unique for Mac OS X. In order to enable FireVault protection, it should be switched on in System Preferences, Security & Privacy, FireVault section. Then, make sure that it is seen by your Finder. All other steps are as easy as for ordinary hard drive scanning.