Duplicates Expert – find duplicates and similars on a Mac


Duplicates Expert is the only duplicate finder, which finds besides duplicate files and folders, similar folders as well. Similars are the folders that contain both duplicate and unique files. The application shows all these folders, so you can easily remove unneeded duplicates and view unique files.
To view similars go to Similars section – click an orange button in a right top corner of Duplicates Expert window.


    1. Duplicates Expert shows  a number of duplicates used in each folder, a total size of them in each folder and an amount of unique files.


    1. Click Show button or each file in an Unique Files section to preview the single files.


  1. View a list of duplicate files in similar folders in the right second section.


Once more, Duplicate Folders contain absolutely identical items.  Similar Folders contain both identical and unique files.