Collaborate Visio in Remote and Mobile Teams

Visio® Viewer is an application designed to open MS Visio® on iPad and iPhone.
It can really simplify your work when you need to complete projects with a team of people and you are never in the same place at once.
Also, you can easily show any visual documentation to your co-workers without having to carry your notebook everywhere.
If you have a bunch of business documents for work that are in MS Visio® format and you need to show them to clients, with Visio® Viewer you can quickly open Visio on your iPad or iPhone. Just finger them to get more detail, if needed. This little app does the work of professional-grade business software:

Viewing of documents created with MS Visio® on iPad and iPhone

  • Automatic rendering of a document,
  • Support of multi-page drawings,
  • Possibility of text selecting and copying;
  • Embedded File Manager;

Professional support of MS Visio® drawings on iPad and iPhone:

  • Displaying of hidden layers and shadows.
  • Displaying of EMF / WMF metafiles.
  • Displaying of MS Visio shape data.
  • Operating with OLE-objects, huge BitMaps.

Capabilities to collaborate MS Visio files on iPad and iPhone:

  • You can send a document via email,
  • You can save a document PDF,
  • You can print a document through AirPrint,
  • You can share Visio file between iPad and computer.

Using Visio Viewer enables professionals to be fully mobile by having all necessary visual materials always on hand. The Visio Viewer running on iPad or iPhone really simplifies collaboration within team and conversation with clients.

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