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  • how to free up iphone storage

    What is “Other” on your iPhone

    This article is based on our expertise in understanding the file system of macOS and iOS. We’ve been working 10+ years in developing special disk utilities to clean up a Mac or iPhone. We regularly explore the latest updates of the systems and update our apps and our articles according to the changes in them. […]

  • boomerang chrome

    How to uninstall Boomerang

    In our previous articles, we have already shared a guide on how to remove browsers’ extensions on Mac. The reason why it is important to uninstall unnecessary plugins is that they may slow down your browser’s speed . Today we are going to highlight a quick way to uninstall Boomerang for Mail on Mac. Contents: […]

  • clean a Mac

    5 tips to clean your Mac

    One of the reasons why your Mac’s performance slows down is a lack of free space on your hard drive. In this article, we will share 5 tips that will let you clean your Mac and create more space on your hard drive. How to Clean up Mac? 1.Delete DMG files The Downloads folder contains […]