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  • clean a Mac

    5 tips to clean your Mac

    One of the reasons why your Mac’s performance slows down is a lack of free space on your hard drive. In this article we will share 5 tips which will let you clean your Mac and create more space on your hard drive. How to Clean up Mac? 1.Delete DMG files The Downloads folder contains […]

  • Always Check Downloads Folder and Trash

    Today we talk about a place that is a dump file for 90% of users not only to Mac OS X, and other operating systems. This place, as some might have guessed, is a standard Downloads folder. Why so many files are there? It’s really simple. The fact is that all applications whether it’s browser, instant […]

  • What are Language Resources?

    Language Resources – are localizations of software, that is, all interface languages available in a program. Some programs have a huge number of possible interface languages that worth respect. But usually users need only one version of the interface or just a few, but obviously not 20. Individually localizations take up not much space, around […]