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  • Prepare for El Сapitan

    So, since October we can download the new Mac OS X 10. 11 operating system El Capitan. In this review, we will tell you how to prepare your Mac for the update. Before we start, check if your Mac supports the system. Quick tip: if you already have Yosemite, you can install El Capitan without […]

  • OS X El Capitan – Review. Sum Up

    This article concludes our series of reviews of upcoming updates using Mac OS X. If you have not read the previous articles – you can read them here. OS X El Capitan reviews 1 – 4 So, let’s sum up! Design Overall, OS X began to look a little nicer. No wow effects, just a […]

  • OS X El Capitan Review Part 5 – Apps

    This article covers changes in original Apple software that will be in the newest OS X version. Mail The first new handy hint appeals to those who use trackpad. Now when you swipe right your messages you mark it as read or unread, if left – letter will be put into the Trash. Such function […]