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    How to Factory Reset your iPhone

    In our previous articles, we were talking about Three ways to cleanup storage and How to save iPhone Storage. Today it’s time to learn how to get rid of all the content and reset your iPhone to factory settings. What happens when you reset your iPhone After factory resetting of iOS devices all the information […]

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    Save iPhone Storage: Sum up

    This article concludes series on how to save storage on your iPhone as well as quickly free up space if you’ve seen the message “Storage Almost Full“. In this article we sum-up main points of how to get more space o iPhone 5, 6 and 7. Setting up Photos This is the first point when your storage space is running out and you […]

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    Save iPhone Storage #4: Notes, Mail and Podcasts

    Today we will talk about 3 more standard applications that were not mentioned in our previous articles. Read these tips to learn how to clear an iPhone. Notes Recently simple Notes app obtained ability to add media files to a simple text. What greatly increased size of created file. If you have used to add […]