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  • macOS Sierra

    3 steps to prepare your Mac for the macOS Sierra update

    The new desktop operating system from Apple macOS Sierra is announced on September, 20th. macOS Sierra has lots of new useful features, so we highly recommend that you update. Here are three basic preparations and tips to help you update quickly and painlessly. 1. Check system requirements Here is a list of computers which operate […]

  • move OS X to new SSD

    How to move OS X El Capitan to a new SSD

    Until recently, Mac users had very little choice about what kind of storage to get – SSD or HDD. Today, you can choose either an HDD or SSD, or in some cases, both hard drives for your system. However, SSD promises better performance, for instance, the average boot up time takes around 10-13 seconds for […]

  • View and edit Visio files on Mac

    Meet a new app VSDX Annotator

    Breaking news! A new application VSDX Annotator by Nektony brings Mac users the possibility to View, Annotate and Convert Visio drawings on OS X operating system. VSDX Annotator is a powerful and professional tool, designed to let Mac users open and annotate all Visio drawing formats. It offers a total of 12 annotation tools: adding notes, comments, titles, […]

  • macOS Sierra

    macOS Sierra is coming soon. What`s new?

    Apple has announced the latest version of OS X operating system, which is called macOS Sierra. Let`s learn what the main innovations are for Mac. Picture in Picture The main feature of the new macOS is voice control support via a virtual Siri assistant. Voice Assistant can send messages, and search for photos and music. […]

  • How to Password Protect Folders on Mac

    How to Password Protect Folders on Mac

    Actually, there is no easy way to create password protected folders on Mac. But using OS X capabilities and some magic you can get almost similar functionality. Using only standard tools you can create Password protected image, which will be mounted only after typing the password. So, firstly, you have to launch Disk Utility Create image by going to File […]

  • Blog2016_HowtodefragmentMac

    How to Defragment Mac | Is it Necessary

    First, let’s deal with the notion of fragmentation and defragmentation. Disk working speed is not uniform. The minimum is at the very center and maximum on the edges. Therefore record often begins at the “beginning”, gradually moving to the “end”. If it reaches the space occupied earlier – the entry continues to record into different place. Thus, the same data […]

  • Blog_Happy-New-2016-Year

    Happy New 2016 Year

    And so 2015 comes to an end. Many interesting things happen in the Apple world. The new version of OS X El Capitan released, which essentially is an improvement of OS X Yosemite with a much better user interface. From the developer’s side we had to make minor changes to recent cleanup utilities due to changes […]

  • Blog_Check-Downloads-and-Trash

    Always Check Downloads Folder and Trash

    Today we talk about a place that is a dump file for 90% of users not only to Mac OS X, and other operating systems. This place, as some might have guessed, is a standard Downloads folder. Why so many files are there? It’s really simple. The fact is that all applications whether it’s browser, instant […]

  • new app

    Something Amazing is Coming

    Over the years we, Nektony, stand on guard for purity and speed of your Mac. During this time we have released a set of tools that allow you to remove all the debris from your Mac and make it work smoothly, fast and stable. As a result, we have collected all the cleaning tools together […]

  • Blog_Hide-Files-on-Mac

    Hide Files on Mac

    There is a small file-protection tip to limit access to your files on Mac: you can make them hidden! It requires just a few simple steps. Open Terminal app (Other Type chflags hidden Type file’s location How could you know exact file location? Well, you shouldn’t. One more trick: just drug & drop file from […]

  • Blog_startup-disk-is-full

    StartUp Disk is Full

    How to quickly free up several Mb of disk space if your Mac is full and displays the following message: There are a few tips how to reclaim around ~4 Gb of space in a matter of 2-3 minutes. Delete app’s caches. Delete unnecessary desktop pictures. Delete unnecessary dictionaries. Delete unnecessary fonts. These files are […]