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  • add ram mac

    iMac RAM Replacement

    Some time ago 4 gigabytes of RAM were enough to work comfortably on a Mac computer. But not today. When it comes to even simple tasks, such as surfing the Internet with a browser with just a few tabs open, the minimum RAM capacity will be too slow for your Mac. Due to the high […]

  • startup disk is almost full on mac

    7 reasons why you are losing hard drive space

    In our previous article, we explained how to perform a deep cleanup of Mac “Startup disk”. Today, we would like to provide a complete list of the hidden items that are taking up space on your hard drive. That will help you to understand what is taking significant disk space that is invisible to you […]

  • delete safari

    How to remove Safari from Mac

    Safari is a default Apple browser for macOS and iOS systems. Although Safari is a fast web browser, you may prefer using another browser, for example, Google Chrome. If you do not use it at all, you may want to uninstall Safari since it is just taking up useless disk space. In this article, we […]